Dr. Jyothi K

Laboratory Services

Dr. Jyothi K is a highly experienced consultant pathologist with over 14 years of professional expertise. He completed her MD in Pathology from the prestigious Government Medical College in Kozhikode and her MBBS from the Academy of Medical Sciences in Pariyaram. Throughout his career, Dr. Jyothi has worked as a pathologist in various settings, including both corporate hospitals and government sector hospitals. His experience spans across different countries, including India, Oman, and Kuwait, where he has gained valuable insights into diverse healthcare systems. This exposure has enriched his knowledge and provided him with a broad perspective in the field of pathology. Dr. Jyothi has developed a keen interest in several areas of pathology, with a particular focus on GL pathology and oncopathology. His expertise lies in lymphoreticular malignancy, genitourinary pathology, and breast pathology. He has dedicated himself to staying updated with the latest advancements in these fields, ensuring that patients receive the highest level of care and accurate diagnostic evaluations. Apart from clinical work, Dr. Jyothi K is passionate about quality assurance in medical laboratories. He believes in maintaining the highest standards of accuracy, precision, and efficiency in laboratory practices to ensure reliable and trustworthy results for patients. Dr. Jyothi has also contributed to academia as an Assistant Professor of Pathology at the Amala Institute of Medical Sciences in Thrissur.


  • Oncopathology with special interest in lymphoreticular malignancies, urogenital (male) pathology and Breast pathology.
  • Gastro intestinal pathology
  • Quality assurance in histopathology and cytology laboratories.

Malayalam, English