Dr. Remyasri Akhil


Dr. Remyasri, is a highly skilled and accomplished medical professional dedicated to the field of Nephrology. With a strong educational background and extensive clinical experience, Dr. Remyasri is a sought-after expert in the management of various renal conditions, ranging from acute kidney disease to chronic kidney diseases, with a special focus on diabetic kidney disease and hypertension. She completed her MBBS and MD in General Medicine, showcasing her commitment to a comprehensive understanding of medical principles. Her pursuit of excellence led her to a post-doctoral fellowship in adult and pediatric renal transplantation, following the completion of DrNB in Nephrology at Trivandrum.
She specializes in the management of acute kidney disease, renal calculi disease, urinary tract infections, glomerular diseases (both adult and pediatric), cystic renal diseases, and chronic kidney diseases. Her profound knowledge and skills make her a trusted authority in addressing complex cases related to diabetic kidney disease and hypertension. Her other areas of interest are permcath insertion and preoperative and postoperative management of kidney transplant recipients. She also has publications in many journals and has presented papers at state and national conferences showing her enthusiasm to be updated.

Post-doctoral fellowship in adult and pediatric renal transplantation

•    Acute kidney disease
•    Renal calculi disease
•    Urinary tract infections
•    Glomerular (adult and pediatric) diseases
•    Cystic renal diseases
•    Chronic kidney diseases
•    Temporary dialysis catheters/permcath
•    Renal biopsies
•    Plasmapheresis
•    Hemoperfusion
•    Hemodialysis 
•    Peritoneal dialysis

Malayalam, English, Hindi, Kannada