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Sore Back & Big Stomach Care and Cure under Dr. Katik Kulshreshta

73 year old patient first came beyond our doors for getting help with his low back ache and was not feeling well lately .He was a very active person and agricultural enthusiast until very recently. The only triggering event he could recall was getting a sudden give-way feeling while he was helping his workers with the harvest. His back ache had worsened since then, and he was completely unable to get up by himself.

He was evaluated thoroughly by our team of doctors from Internal Medicine, Orthopaedics, and Medical Gastroenterology and was found to have severe anemia, osteoporosis (decreased bone mineral density, which made his bones vulnerable for fractures), and compression fractures of his spine. Our medical gastroenterology team also picked up a big growth on the outer margin of his stomach, which was stealing much of the blood in his system and making him severely anemic and weak. He underwent upper Gastrointestinal scopy and was subjected to a Contrast enhanced Multiplanar CT for properly assessing his tumour and for pre-operative planning. CT revealed a large mass arising from the outer convex border of his stomach (Greater curvature) of size 13.9 cm long and 16cm wide and almost of the size of a melon, and was more in favour of a type of tumour named GIST (Gastro intestinal Stromal Tumour)

The culprit being identified we focused on preparing our patient for a major surgery, meanwhile providing a holistic care by measures to improve his bone density ,Spine immobilization &anemia correction. His nutritional correction was also given due importance, and our clinical nutrition team took care of his deficient status and prepared him well for the upcoming procedure. He also evaluated and cleared fit by our Anaesthesia team prior to surgery. We took up the patient for his surgery on January 31, 2023, and found a large growth arising from the stomach surface (greater curvature), which was weighing >1.5 kg and closely abutting the major vessels supplying the spleen and very close to the left diaphragm. The major challenge was to preserve the blood supply to the spleen as well as complete removal of the tumour to spare our already compromised patient from the adverse immunosuppressive side effects of spleen removal. Our GI surgery team was successful in complete removal of the Giant tumour which was in a way sucking the life out of him. We could preserve his spleen, and he had a very uneventful recovery.

The patient walked out of Apollo on his fourth postoperative day as a new and happy patient. He is on a lumbar support corset for his spine fracture and on measures to improve his bone strength. He has a big heart now, full of gratitude, and we are more than happy to have helped a beautiful soul like him.