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Neuronavigation Guided Right Frontal Craniotomy and Excision of Intracranial Space Occupying Lesion under Electrophysiological Monitoring Under Dr. Sayuj Krishnan (Neurosurgeon)

When Mr. Pathrose, age 74, was hunched over in a bathroom with the most excruciating headache of his whole life, the diagnosis of cancer was the very last thing on his mind. It had been some years since he'd first noticed he was suffering from frequent headaches. He reassured his son and a relative that he would be alright, but the son nonetheless called an ambulance so that Mr. Pathrose could be examined by a doctor.

It was discovered that the painful headaches were being caused by a tumour that was pressing on the front of his brain and was the source of his incapacitating headaches. Mr. Pathrose was informed of this since, two years earlier, in some other hospital needed to perform surgery on the tumour that was growing on the frontal region of the brain. However, he continued to engage in alternative forms of treatment. Without receiving any therapy, the tumour on Pathrose continued to grow.

After another two years, he was taken to our hospital under Dr. Sayuj Krishnan S, neurosurgeon, because he was having an episode of seizure. His MRI revealed that the size of the tumour had grown. In order to remove the tumour, he had a craniotomy that was guided by neuronavigation performed. As the tumour was encroaching on the internal capsule, intra-operative neuromonitoring was performed to prevent any neuro impairments and his surgery was a success, and there were no post-operative impairments to report afterwards. He has high grade glioma, which was discovered during the biopsy, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment to ensure a full recovery.